Bank Marketers Playbook: Critical Insights to Increase Share of Customer

Your Desk!

Banking is in constant disruption. We’re living in a world that is digitizing even faster than we could have anticipated pre-2020. And your ability as a marketer to respond to that disruption with fresh consumer data is critical to ignite your 2021 strategy. 

Hear from Resonate financial services experts Ericka Podesta McCoy, CMO; Chris Rogers, Executive Director, Brand and Casey Hart, Customer Success Analyst Team Lead as they share the freshest data on financial services consumer segmentation, brand loyalty, and acquisition. We share the latest trends, arm you with insights to capitalize on them, and provide a deep dive use case from the Ignite Platform™. You’ll walk away with actionable steps to harness AI-driven insights and crush your goals. You’ll learn: 

  • A use case on how a financial services brand used AI-driven fresh consumer data to significantly increase share of customer.
  • How, in the face of disruptive competition, bank loyalty depends on fresh and unified customer data.
  • How marketing and analytics tech drive real-time banking consumer understanding, segmentation, and activation.

These are the industry trends shaping the banking industry now. Make sure you have the critical insights necessary to capitalize.