3 Strategies for Connecting with the 28 Million Insurance Switchers

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During this webinar, we’ll delve into these monumental shifts and shed light on the strategies that today’s insurance brands must employ to keep up with evolving consumer needs. 

In this webinar, 3 Strategies for Connecting with the 28 Million Insurance Switchers, you’ll learn: 

  • Which insurers are losing customers this year and why
  • The right messaging to switchers for retention and competitive conquesting
  • The best channels to connect with insurance switchers across digital and traditional media touchpoints

Join Paul Lucas, Managing Editor—Insurance, Insurance Business and Steve Touhill, Executive Director, Resonate to learn the keys to a successful 2019. 

Speaker: Paul Lucas, Managing Editor of Insurance Business America

Paul oversees several Insurance Business publications under the Key Media Co, and manages a team of 15 writers around the globe.


Speaker: Steve Touhill, Executive Director of Resonate

Steve oversees client solutions, helping large brands, including insurance providers, gain a deeper understanding of consumers.