3 Data-Driven Ways to Drive Revenue Through Deeper Multicultural Understanding

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Resonate Adweek Webinar November 2021


In this data-driven webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why ethnicity alone is not good enough when you’re speaking to multicultural audiences 
  • How consumer sentiment is continuing to evolve, particularly around customer comfort levels and preferences, and how that impacts varied groups 
  • How values light a fire under your creative that can’t be replicated with flat demographics – and how that builds connection, increases loyalty, and drives revenue 

Want to dive into deeper multicultural understanding? Watch this on-demand webinar today.

Ericka McCoy, Chief Marketing Officer, Resonate

Ericka McCoy, Chief Marketing Officer, is a global marketing executive experienced in building brands, facilitating growth and driving revenue in the high-tech, telecom, manufacturing, energy and hospitality sectors across North America, Europe, and Asia.​