Use AI-Enabled Consumer Intelligence Solutions To Keep Up With The Speed Of The Customer

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In this webinar,  Ericka McCoy, CMO at Resonate and featured speaker Cinny Little, Principal Analyst at Forrester, will review the challenges of the consumer intelligence landscape today. They’ll reveal three ways technology is playing an essential part in uncovering transformative insights that will empower your business.  

In this webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • Challenges companies face in customer insights 
  • AI-enabled solutions 
  • Use cases for consumer intelligence solutions 

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Speaker: Ericka McCoy, CMO

Ericka is a global marketing executive focused on enterprise growth and revenue management in the high-tech, telecom, manufacturing, energy, and hospitality sectors across North America, Europe and Asia. Her ability to envision and operationalize strategy is a hallmark of her leadership. She uses an agile approach to iterate, delivering effective and efficient growth. Ericka is a change-agent, experienced in leading organizations through digital transformation to seize emerging market opportunities. She’s a collaborative communicator, focused on building cross-functional teams that produce extraordinary results. She’s passionate about fostering creativity and innovation and is an evangelist for industry-leading digital marketing practices. Ericka emphasizes a data-driven, customer-centric approach to accelerate growth. Drawing on both B2B and B2C successes, she deftly combines strategic acumen, technological expertise, focused execution and rigorous analysis to deliver significant business impact.


Speaker: Cinny Little, Principal Analyst Serving Business Insights Professionals

Cinny guides marketing, digital, customer insights, and consumer intelligence pros in navigating the complexities of applying data to drive actionable insights. Her research agenda includes consumer and competitive intelligence and insights strategy; skills and roles; organization models and process; innovation and best practices; and technology vendor evaluation. Cinny is a digital CI expert with 20 years of experience in insights-based digital strategy development and enterprise-wide project execution, customer experience and journeys, and analytics.

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