Disruption-Proof Data: 4 Ways to Drive Agency Growth

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Sponsored webinar with Ad Age. 

Agencies continue to face a stunning pace of change in 2021. Executives are reporting comeback signs, but business will never be as usual. A future of smaller, smarter agency teams integrated with technology will rearchitect a more successful, sustainable agency business model. 

Fresh, deep, and actionable consumer data is the foundation agencies need to grow and stay resilient in the face of disruption. Real-time insights are crucial to keeping up with the shifting attitudes, values, behaviors, and media diet of consumers. Everything from strategy through execution must be rooted in human-level insights that ignite consumer-brand connection. 

Resonate SVP, Agency, Jonathan Ricard shares the four pillars of using data to ignite growth: 

  • Expanding Existing Business 
  • Pitching New Business 
  • Becoming a Strategic Business Advisor 
  • Reducing Silos with Cross-Team Data Adoption