80% of Star Tribune’s Advertisers Are Renewing. Here’s Why   


The 5th largest newspaper in the country is innovating its revenue and subscription models with deep consumer insights. 

There’s no question the media business has been going through major changes over the last several years. Publishers are under pressure to find creative ways to drive ad and subscription revenue, while also staying relevant in a crowded content space.  

Star Tribune, the largest newspaper in Minnesota and the fifth largest newspaper in the country, has seen its own business model shift and has tapped into new and innovative ways to grow revenue and subscriptions.  

In the Power of Insights-Driven Sales in Publishing case study, you’ll learn:

  • The impact Star Tribune has seen from providing its advertisers with deep insights on its target audiences
  • How the company used site tags to provide even further analytics to advertisers, who are now renewing at an 80% rate
  • How Star Tribune’s sales team is using insights to engage prospective advertisers

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