Watch On-Demand: Another Seat at the Table Isn’t Enough


Representation is only the first step. To achieve more effective multicultural understanding and marketing, you need the right data, people, and processes. And, to learn what that means for your agency, Resonate CMO, Ericka Podesta McCoy, joined Alma Chief Strategy Officer, Angela Rodriguez, and Ad Age for a conversation on what it takes to speak to consumers of all diverse backgrounds on an individual level. 

In this on-demand recording of Another Seat at the Table Isn’t Enough: People + Data + Process = The 3 Keys to True Multicultural Effectiveness, you’ll learn: 

  • Why simply adding diversity to your team does not guarantee results 
  • How to transform multicultural data into insights that generate better segment understanding 
  • Why connecting with multicultural audiences can help win pitches, build more effective brands, and improve campaign performance 

This is a long overdue conversation that your entire team can learn from. Watch on-demand today. 

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