Watch Now: Resonate & Adweek Discuss Using a Human Lens to Connect With Your Customer

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Each year, Resonate, the leading AI-powered consumer intelligence platform, releases the much-anticipated State of the Consumer, a report Brands and agencies use to inform their marketing strategies and build more robust personas that are the foundation of brand love and loyalty.  

In this webinar, Resonate CMO, Ericka Podesta McCoy, examines three states of consumer sentiment and explains how the Resonate AI data engine reveals how consumers choose, buy, and engage in an evolving world.  

Watch now to meet the three states of consumer sentiment and learn: 

  • How they are similar, how they are different, and where they might surprise you 

  • How purchasing behaviors, personal drivers, and motivations come together for effective strategy, creative, product development, and communication 

  • How to recognize these segments in your audience 

  • How to use this data to deliver better marketing performance 

Ericka McCoy, CMO

Ericka McCoy, Chief Marketing Officer, is a global marketing executive experienced in building brands, facilitating growth and driving revenue in the high-tech, telecom, manufacturing, energy and hospitality sectors across North America, Europe and Asia.