Watch Now: Insights to Stay on Trend with the Consumers Leading the CTV Evolution

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One of our customers recently said to us, "I talk about CTV every day."  

Viewership continues to climb, but the industry is facing a reckoning. Rising prices of both cable and subscriptions, new players, password sharing, limited advertising, and added monthly subscriptions indicate changes are coming — but it’s not media companies or even brand advertisers leading the evolution.  

It’s consumers. They’re leading the change and advertisers are looking to you for guidance on evolving consumption trends to adapt both budgets and messaging. You need an insights partner that can quickly and continuously understand who the evolving viewer is, what they watch, when they watch, and why they watch. 

Webinar: The State of OTT

Want to learn how you can keep pace with an evolving audience and support your advertisers to increase ROAS and expand ad spend? Watch this webinar on-demand today. 

Ron Stine, Director of Sales

Ron leads a team providing essential advertising technology to leading media companies and publishers, focusing on audience intelligence, advertising research, consumer insights and digital analytics.