An Agency Blueprint for the Post-Cookie  World: Building Better Consumer Connections

Your Desk!

Late 2023 looms large as a time of data disruption following Google’s death-to-cookies announcement. How can advertisers learn more about their target audience and be sure they’re reaching the right humans on a path not paved with cookies? With new identity initiatives announced practically every week, the urgency to find new, privacy-preserving pathways to consumer insights and effective digital activation is only matched by the confusion over how to get there.

Hear from Resonate’s agency SVP Jonathan Ricard as he shares a blueprint that agency leaders can use to build the foundation for the post-cookie world. You’ll find out:

  • What the cookie-less future looks like for agencies
  • What kinds of data solutions can help build better consumer connections
  • How to identify, message, segment and target people through fresh AI-powered consumer insights