Your Key To Ignite Revenue: Dynamic, Rich, Values Driven Consumer Data

As an auto marketer, you know the key to standing out is an emotional connection. It’s those red bows at Christmas, those summer road trips. Emotions and values matter when consumers are facing a huge purchasing decision. That’s why you need to use values, drivers, behavioral, and purchasing data, auto marketers to connect on a deeper level. 

In the Auto Marketer’s Playbook, you’ll meet the Millennials Buying Hybrids in the Next 6 Months, Safety-first Parents Who Would Buy a Car Online, and the Electric Car-Eager Baby Boomers. We’ll explore: 

  • Three hyper-targeted audiences that could prove high-value for your brand in 2022 
  • How values can drive consumer connection during a high-stakes, high-value research and buying process 
  • How your advertising needs to sell a lifestyle, not just a car –– and behavioral drivers let you tap into that insight 

Ready to put your 2022 marketing strategy into ignition? Download the Auto Marketer’s Playbook today. 

Download the Auto Marketer’s Playbook today