The 3 Untapped Audiences You Need to Reach Now

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Higher interest rates and persistently high prices have made consumers substantially less confident about the current state of the economy and where it’s headed. As they continue to face these changes the best they can, access to rich, real-time, reliable consumer intelligence is more critical than ever for marketers. Demographics alone don’t determine how consumer decisions may shift, but values, motivations and behaviors do. Three key untapped audiences offer huge opportunities for brands across industries, and it’s vital to reach these audiences now to drive your business forward in a tough climate. 

Watch Jonathan Ricard, Chief Strategy Officer at Resonate, explore how to quickly and easily engage consumers to ignite scalable personalization that drives revenue. You’ll find out: 

  • How to win over influenced consumers 

  • Methods to court activist consumers 

  • The best ways to reach overwhelmed consumers 

The 3 Untapped Audiences You Need to Reach Now