Between Data Privacy & the Deep, Cookieless Sea

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Sponsored webinar with Ad Age. 

Late 2023 is the looming date of the customer data apocalypse, when Google will remove third-party cookies from its Chrome browser. With less than a year to go until C-Day, and a new privacy initiative announced practically every week, the urgency to come up with workable alternatives is only matched by the confusion over how to get there. 

Resonate Chief Technology Officer Tom Craig joins Ad Age Studio 30 Editor John Dioso for an in⁠-⁠depth discussion on the best strategies for anxious marketers to navigate these uncharted waters, including the company's dual path approach using universal identifiers, proprietary datasets and cutting-edge AI to deliver powerful customer insights in the post-cookie world. 

Watch this critical discussion on the issue that’s top-of-mind for every marketer.