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How to Get More From Your Loyalty Program


Loyalty programs need a fresh start with relevant, more personal perks for today's consumer. 

Loyalty programs’ membership growth in the U.S. is starting to slow down, which means the market is maturing and consumers are wanting more from these programs. Brands need to up their loyalty game to keep members, attract new ones and increase their customer lifetime value (CLV).     

Dynamic consumer insights can help create a new era of loyalty programs where the rewards are relevant and evolve as consumers’ product and shopping preferences change. With consumer insights that provide a deep understanding of why people buy what they buy, along with a continuously updated view of what consumers value most, brands can create loyalty programs that resonate with existing and prospective members.

In the Marketer’s Guide: How Deep Consumer Insights Improve Loyalty Program Performance, you’ll learn:  

  • How to retain loyalty members with personalized rewards based on their interests  

  • Strategies for attracting new loyalty members with relevant rewards based on the latest consumer trends  

  • Ways to nurture loyalty members by creating dynamic loyalty programs based on consumers’ evolving preferences  

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