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The 3 Trends Retail Marketers Need to Know This Holiday Season

Consumers want good sales, high-quality products and pleasant shopping experiences 

The 2018 holiday season is expected to bring in significant sales for retailers if they know the right way to connect with today’s shopper. Marketers must develop innovative strategies around what consumers are looking for in products and their online and in-store shopping experiences. 

Dynamic consumer insights that reveal the values and motivations that guide consumers’ everyday decisions can help retailers develop marketing strategies for reaching customers this holiday season. With sharper messaging and new and different shopping experiences that draw in shoppers, whether online or in-store, retailers will be able to break through the countless choices facing today’s consumer.  

In the Holiday Guide: 3 Trends Retail Marketers Need to Know This Season, you’ll learn:  

  • How the online shopping experience is shaping what consumers want from all retailers, from convenience to competitive prices  

  • Strategies for reaching online and in-store shoppers, including how to create distinctive messaging for each channel  

  • The kinds of products consumers want this holiday season and beyond  

Download your copy of the Holiday Guide: 3 Trends Retail Marketers Need to Know This Season and woo current and future customers for the holidays and beyond.