WATCH NOW: How Financial Services Companies Can Drive Growth During Uncertain Times

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As the rush to innovate legacy finance continues, fintech companies like MoneyLion are leading the way in innovative financial products and marketing that meet the needs of today’s tech-savvy, empowered consumers.   

According to MoneyLion Chief Customer Officer, Cynthia Kleinbaum, while many fintech companies already know what consumers purchase, they’re missing a key ingredient: the why behind the buy. 

Brand Innovators Women in Finance Marketing Fireside Chat

To drive growth and customer lifetime value in an increasingly privacy-safe world, financial services leaders need to find creative ways to access rich, relevant insights that are also actionable and up to date with ever-changing consumers.  

In this fireside chat, you’ll learn:  

  • Innovative ways FinServ brands can lower acquisition costs by innovating the marketing funnel   

  • How to break down traditional data sources to activate in preparation for a cookieless world   

  • How to use recent, rich data as a competitive advantage and capitalize on current events 

Ericka McCoy, CMO

Ericka McCoy, Chief Marketing Officer, is a global marketing executive experienced in building brands, facilitating growth and driving revenue in the high-tech, telecom, manufacturing, energy and hospitality sectors across North America, Europe and Asia.