Webinar Series: Thriving in Uncertainty - How AI Driven Insights Help Your Teams Navigate COVID-19

April 23
2:00pm EST
Your Desk!

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. There’s no roadmap to know what’s next. But, what we do know, is that consumer data and intelligence can provide meaningful insights to help you stay engaged with your most loyal customers and highest-value prospects. Join us as we sit down with Resonate’s experts in data, strategy and more for a weekly webinar series to discuss how you can prepare your business for the quickly evolving journey ahead.

April 23: COVID-19 Deep Dive Into the American Psyche

What can brands and media companies do to ensure proper messaging and positioning while the American psyche is in a state of incredible change and uncertainty? By understanding consumer intelligence in real time, your brand can build stronger relationships with customers and prospects, even in a time of crisis.

Join Resonate's Chief Strategy Officer, Andy Hunn, along with insights leaders from global brands, for a discussion about:

  • Insights from the largest National Consumer Study on COVID-19 consumer sentiment and how to put them into action
  • How consumer e-commerce behavior is evolving as a result of coronavirus and how to engage them effectively
  • Tools that are available to help brands understand customer and prospects during this time