Watch On-Demand: Pitch New Agency Business with Disruption-Proof Data


What’s next for agencies in the race to win the pitch? Our clients –– and their customers –– are still reeling from the disruption of the past 14 months. So, how do you navigate the shifting tides? By dialing in to disruption-proof data –– insights that leverage real-time consumer intelligence and a deep, emotional customer connection. 

In this on-demand webcast with Resonate SVP of Agency, Jonathan Ricard, you’ll learn how to: 

  1. Stand out among the crowded agency space by offering more than stale, cardboard personas. 
  2. Deliver your clients a 360-degree view of their customers at the individual level 
  3. Provide deep insights that reveal what makes consumers tick and what they value 
  4. Demonstrate the invaluable impact of disruption-proof data. 

With disruption-proof data and unparalleled insights you can reveal about clients and prospects, you’ll win the pitch. Give yourself a leg up on the competition today. 

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