Forrester’s Guide to Successfully Launch Your Customer Analytics Pilot

According to research by Forrester, firms at the advanced level of insights-driven maturity are 5x more likely than those at the beginner level to report annual revenue growth north of 20%.  

But first, you'll need to make your case for a budget, resources, and executive attention—and that comes down to choosing the right pilot project, implementing it, and communicating the results effectively.  

Use the framework in Forrester's Pick A Powerful Pilot To Propagate Customer Analytics to guide you on your next pilot project. In this report, you'll learn how to: 

  • Set clear business goals with stakeholders 

  • Map data and analytics to potential pilots 

  • Take future-focused steps to expand efforts  

Download Forrester’s latest guide on how to successfully launch your customer analytics pilot now and to set yourself up for success! 

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