AI Insights for Better Campaigns


Deep consumer insights powered by AI empower agencies to become true partners to their clients.

Ad agencies are facing many challenges, such as competition from unexpected sources and an increasing number of brands taking their advertising and marketing in house. Agencies need to be able to win new business and wow clients with differentiation and expertise.


Resonate analytics help agencies stand out in a crowded space by giving you the dynamic, person-level insights you need to become a true, strategic partner to your clients. Our insights will inform strategy, messaging and creative for your clients in different verticals, resulting in successful campaigns and new business, all in a timely and cost-effective manner.

In Harness Your Agency’s Super Powers: How Deep Consumer Insights Will Help You Drive High-Performing Campaigns, Win New Business and Save Money, you’ll learn how deep AI insights will help you:

  • Become an expert quickly across many verticals
  • Win new business and wow current clients 
  • Run more efficiently and cost-effectively  

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