Harnessing the Power of Insight-Driven Audiences

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Reach and engage the right constituents

To effectively engage your customers and prospects, and to combine the deepest consumer insights rooted in AI with the power of relevance and story, you need to connect with consumers on a deeper, more personal level.

Cristina Bell, VP of Digital Video Analytics & Implementation Strategy at A+E Networks and Ray Faust, General Manager, Media and Entertainment at Resonate, explore how AI-powered consumer insights bring data-driven insights to life and fuel impactful brand storytelling to further drive your marketing ROI.

Cristina Bell

Speaker: Cristina Bell

Cristina is a seasoned research and analytics professional with expertise in digital media and consumer behavior tracking. She is an expert in technical areas that enhance the scope of digital video advertising and digital video consumer engagement across desktop, mobile, and connected TV devices.


Speaker: Ray Faust

Ray Faust is General Manager, Media & Entertainment at Resonate, having joined the company in March 2018. In that time he helped grow this vertical significantly, expanding investment and bringing on new media customers including Disney, ESPN, A+E Networks, This Old House and many of the top local news media companies across the U.S.

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