Case Study: Havas Used Real-Time Data to Keep Pace With Evolving Segmentation When Syndicated Research Fell Behind

In this case study, you’ll learn how Havas: 

  • Uncovered insights by fusing Proximo’s existing segmentation to the Resonate Ignite Platform™ and Resonate’s 550 million devices 
  • Identified new subsegments to target with specific messaging 
  • Replicated the target audiences and learned even more about them with continuously updated data  
  • Used these dynamic segments throughout planning and activation of brand campaigns 
  • Realized the dream of audience-first activation by measuring how activations were delivering against each segment and optimizing 

Download the case study to see how Havas Media’s Faön Mahunik, SVP, Group Director, Insights and her team continue to use Resonate data to bring Proximo’s segmentation to life and solidified Havas' partnership with Proximo. 


Download the Case Study