AI and Political Campaigns

Your Desk!

It’s no secret that today’s political climate is chaotic and tumultuous. The binary view of the right and left is eroding, making the muddied political waters even more difficult to navigate. For campaigns to effectively connect with the right constituents, static voter data needs to be enriched with AI-driven voter intelligence.

During this webinar, Resonate’s data science guru, Daniel Scantlebury, Ph.D., discusses nine previously unearthed voter segments you never knew about and how artificial intelligence will help you connect with them, persuading them to support your candidate or cause.

In this webinar with Campaigns & ElectionsAI and Political Campaigns, you’ll learn:

  • Who the nine new voter segments are, how they were uncovered with machine learning, and how you can effectively reach them
  • The importance of artificial intelligence in a winning political campaign

Join Shane Greer, co-owner of Campaigns & Elections, and Dan Scantlebury, Director of Data Science at Resonate and win big in 2020.