Are Your Voters Ready to Reopen America?

You need real-time voter intelligence data if you’re going to communicate effectively and Resonate’s proprietary, AI-driven insights let you know exactly where voters are in this moment. 

In our report, From Rushed to Resistant: How Eager Are Voters to Reopen America?, you’ll find:  

  • Up-to-the moment findings on varying voter comfort levels when it comes to reopening the economy, broken down into four groups: Reopen Rushers, Reopen Ready, Reopen Reluctant and Reopen Resistant 

  • The demographics, values, psychographics and motivations that drive each group 

  • How each group is reacting to the pandemic and how it’s affecting their day-to-day behavior and decisions 

Download From Rushed to Resistant: How Eager Are Voters to Reopen America? today to uncover real-time data on who is and isn’t ready for reopening –– and what that means for your campaign. 

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