Throw Your Playbook Out the Window: How to Win in 2020

Your Desk!

If you want to win in 2020, you need to know one word: nimble. You need to stay nimble on voter sentiment to target and reach voters based on who they are today –– and who they will be tomorrow. 

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted life in ways we could have never imagined in January 2020. Resonate is the only voter intelligence platform that is monitoring real-time shifts in the American voter psyche and we’re bringing you continuously updated data to guide your strategy in the months leading up to November 2020.  

Want to learn more about connecting with voters now? Join Resonate’s own Rose Elam for an insights-packed discussion answering questions, including: 

  • How have voter preferences, values, and positions changed within the last month? 
  • Are voters ready to reopen America and how will that affect GOTV and mail-in voting strategies?  
  • Now that we have the data, how do we effectively activate it to reach our target voters?   

Your campaign can’t afford to miss this, tune in to begin your path to victory.