Keeping up with the Consumer: How Brands Can Take an Authentic Stand


2020 has been a year of unrest for consumers. In many ways, this presents opportunities for brands to connect more deeply with their customers and prospects.  

So, how does a brand identify the evolving and changing needs of their target segments? And how can a brand take an authentic stand on a relevant issue without appearing tone-deaf or alienating their customers and prospects? 

Hear from Resonate Chief Marketing Officer, Ericka McCoy, and Senior Solutions Engineers, Tim Hyzdu and Geoff Hoellen, for an interactive discussion that explores the activist consumer segment, how brands are aligning with them and real-world examples of successful brands who’ve managed to keep up with evolving customers. In this informative webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • Who the four key consumer activist segments are and how your brand can engage them 
  • Real-world examples that showcase the power of real-time data in driving effective consumer relationships 
  • What to expect as relationships between brands and customers continue to evolve 

Insights into the current state of your customers are key to engaging with them and continuing to drive revenue throughout this year of unrest and beyond.