Using Targeted Segments to Combat Isolation Echo Chambers

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These media bubbles make it difficult for messages to reach people and result in private channels used by partisan publishers who place extreme demands on voters, while also shielding them from the opposition. 

At Resonate, we developed the capability to use advanced artificial intelligence to identify, analyze, and disrupt media isolation bubbles in real-time. In this webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • How to leverage behavioral intelligence to identify isolation bubbles in real-time 

  • How to use sophisticated targeting strategies to change voter behavior and target voters in their respective bubbles  

  • How to persuade these voters to leave their isolation bubble based on the issues that matter most to them 

Ready to pop the media bubble?  

Speaker: Kristina Emminger

Senior Director of Sales Strategy


Speaker: Dan Scantlebury

Director Data Science


Speaker: Gary Sherwood

Vice President Sales


Speaker: Zoe Yopp

Marketing Campaign Manager