2022 Midterm Voter Landscape Webinar

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Earlier this year, we unveiled our 2022 Voter Landscape to help you effectively target and reach key voter segments ahead of the primaries. A lot happened since then, and you’ll need to know how these segments have or haven’t changed to reflect how they have reacted to recent world events. With the deepest and freshest data available, Resonate has the answers you’re looking for. 

Watch our Webinar on Demand to learn more about these updated segments and how Resonate can help you use these audiences to win in the 2022 midterms. 

In this webinar, you’ll not only get a head start on competitors’ campaigns, you’ll learn: 

  • The top issues driving each voter persona to cast their vote 

  • Why voters may look similar but should be targeted differently 

  • How to most effectively utilize and activate these voter segments in your campaign for the best digital ad performance 

Resonate’s proprietary, AI-driven voter intelligence data is tracking these voters in real-time because we know fresh data is the only data that resonates. Join us to get one step closer to victory. 

2022 Midterm Voter Landscape

Speaker: Alexander Jones

Senior Survey Analyst


Speaker: Brent Waddington

Senior Director, Research & Operations


Speaker: Johanna Ure

Senior Digital Strategist

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