Moving the Needle

Resonate’s same data that is used by top brands and political campaigns to win American hearts and minds can be used to bolster vaccine PSA effectiveness and efficiency. 

We have real-time data on when and if Americans are comfortable getting the vaccine. For those who are hesitant (slightly or moderately likely to get a COVID-19 vaccine) or resistant (not at all likely), we can discern the personal values, psychological drivers, and other human-level insights informing that decision. Plus, we know where they consume media. 

Our fresh data reveal: 

  • How Americans feel about the state of the pandemic and its effect on health and the economy 
  • If and how soon Americans would get the vaccine once available, and what’s holding back those who are hesitant 
  • The personal values, demographics, psychographics, and media diets of vaccine-hesitant and -resistant Americans  
  • Five tips for reaching the vaccine-hesitant and -resistant with the right message on the right channels 

Download Moving the Needle today.