AI-Driven Data Tracking Where Your Customers Stand on Coronavirus, Reopening & Protests

Your Desk!

What does the current state of unpredictability mean for your customers? From pandemic precautions to businesses closures and reopenings, to mass protests, you need data that is closely tracking the state of consumer sentiment now.  

And, Resonate is the only consumer data and intelligence company providing real-time insights to inform your decision making during this pivotal time and we’re now offering our webinar, Pandemics, Reopening and Protests: Tracking AI-Driven Data on Where Your Customers Stand Today, on-demand for a limited time. Watch now to learn: 

  • How brands can be authentic in taking a stand on issues that matter deeply to their customers. 
  • Real-time data on consumer anxiety surrounding the continuing Covid-19 pandemic and economic reopening. 
  • When and how to pivot your messaging to capture emerging consumer audiences and which messages will put their anxieties at ease. 

This is critical information you need as we head into the third and fourth quarters of 2020. Don’t miss it.