Real-Time Voter Intelligence Won the Race in NE-2

DPI worked with Resonate to target voters on an individual level and ended up swinging the district by over 9% from 2016. 

In this case study exploring the Biden win in NE-2, you’ll learn: 

  • Why NE-2's one electoral vote was a game-changer for Biden’s win 
  • How DPI targeted voters on a granular level with videos targeting specific pandemic worries  
  • Why leaving behind stale voter file data and tapping into Resonate’s deep, real-time understanding of voter sentiment made the difference in a year unlike any other 

Want to learn more about DPI’s success in NE-2 and how Resonate’s fresh, relevant data goes beyond Republican and Democrat voter files to message on an individual level? Download Leveraging Values to Identify and Target Persuadable Voters and Win a Critical Electoral Vote, today.