Realizing the New Normal: Latest Findings on COVID-19 Consumer Recovery

Your Desk!

Phased reopening. 25% capacity. Essential businesses. These are terms consumers are hearing again and again. But, what do they really mean? Do U.S. consumers believe we’ll be back to business as usual this summer? Do they anticipate continuing social distancing through the rest of 2020?

Watch Resonate Director of Research, Brent Waddington, for an AI-driven look into the data behind the future of COVID-19 recovery and what we know about the emerging “new normal.” You’ll learn:

  • The extent to which consumers expect to follow social distancing guidelines over the coming months.
  • The change in consumer perception about sheltering in place, visiting retail outlets or dining out.
  • What these continual changes in consumer behavior and perception mean to your company, its marketing and its bottom line.