Watch Now: AI-driven Online Targeting That Won’t Fall Behind the [Redistricting] Lines

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In this on-demand webinar, Resonate’s political experts Matt Crush and Rose Elam share the AI-driven voter intelligence solution that makes it possible to compare new districts vs. old, and dive into key changes in voter behaviors, personas, demographics, and more.  

You’ll learn how AI-driven machine learning can help prepare for the impacts of redistricting by tracking continuously evolving voter insights, including:  

  • How has your district’s partisan landscape changed?  

  • What are the top issues voters care about? Have they changed with the new map?  

  • Where are the unique voter targeting opportunities the new district offers your candidate? 

  • How can you take action across online channels, targeting persuadables? 

Don’t let your campaign fall behind the lines. Watch today and share it with your team. 

Matt Crush

Director, Business Development


Rose Elam

Lead Solutions Engineer, Politics and Advocacy