Reopening America: Tracking Data on Where U.S. Voters Stand Today

Your Desk!

In 2020, a whirlwind of change has gripped the U.S. voter. Lockdowns. Stay-at-home orders. Business and School closures. Life screeched to a halt. And, now, we grapple with the uncertainty of reopening the American economy.  

What does this mean for campaigns? How should you communicate with voters that aren't sure what’s coming next?  

Hear from Resonate’s Brent Waddington, Director of Research, for a deep dive into our insight-packed Wave 3 report, Reopening America: Up-to-the-Moment U.S. Voter Sentiment During the Pandemic and access vital survey points across March, April and May data. He’ll answer burning questions, including:  

  • How have voter preferences, behaviors and values changed? How do they continue to evolve? 
  • What could you say to voters today to win them over and/or maintain their support? 
  • Is what you knew about your most important education, persuasion and GOTV targets a few weeks ago - or even yesterday - still applicable?   

You’ll gain access to the real-time data you need now as your campaign moves through election season. This is a webinar you can’t afford to miss.