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Healthcare marketers walk a fine line between personalization and privacy. Medical and healthcare data is held tightly within walled gardens and provides little understanding of individuals as patients or caregivers. That's why we developed Resonate Health, a solution for best-in-class, privacy-safe healthcare data that powers segmentation and targeting you never thought possible.  

Watch this on-demand webinar today and learn: 

  • How to understand consumers as humans through hundreds of health and pharma Resonate Elements attributes 

  • How AI-driven data reveals the people behind the health conditions, what they value, and their motivation, behavior, and intent 

  • How to find more people who look like your target audience through look-alike modeling 

Jonathan Ricard, Chief Strategy Officer & GM of Agency

Jonathan Ricard, Chief Strategy Officer & GM of Agency, brings 20 years of expertise on the intersection of data and marketing in the digital media industry. He has been an executive at high growth startups, SaaS platforms and data companies including Signal, IXI Digital, Revolution Health and AOL.