The Retail Marketing Landscape is Evolving Rapidly. Is Your Data Keeping Up?

We’ve used over 13,000 attributes available on over 200 million U.S. adult consumers to look at real-time AI-Driven data on not only demographics, but the purchasing drivers, brand affinity, motivations and values that are shaping the way people are shopping during the coronavirus pandemic.

In our The Retail Landscape is Evolving Rapidly. Is Your Data Keeping Up? report, you’ll learn:

  • How to connect with brick-and-mortar shoppers and convert them into online shoppers
  • How consumers are continuing to buy in the home and garden vertical and where to find these consumers for ad placement
  • Who the 48% of consumers whose car-buying plans have not shifted are and how to target them
  • Who is stocking up on groceries and what they’re buying online

Download our report on retail during the coronavirus pandemic today to dive into the data and learn more about the values and motivations driving these consumers, and how machine learning can help brands with relevant data at the right time in any situation

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