Executive Brief

The Secrets to Retaining (or Poaching) 66 Million Insurance Switchers   

Why 34M policyholders are fleeing four major insurance companies. 

Resonate analyzed a key segment of the 66 million insurance switchers and persuadables. Nearly 34 million customers from GEICO, Allstate, State Farm and Progressive are either considering or planning on switching their insurance provider within the next year. Even if you’re not one of these four big players, it’s critical you know about their customers’ values and motivations because you have the opportunity to steal the policyholders who are fleeing.

It’s critical that insurance companies employ new and innovative strategies to keep their current policyholders from jumping ship and to poach their competitors’ customers. Our dynamic, continuously updated insights reveal what these switchers value, their product and service preferences and why their competitors’ customers might be switching.

In our executive brief, The Secrets to Retaining (or Poaching) 66 Million Insurance Switchers, you’ll learn:

  • What drives people to stay with or leave an insurer
  • What customers value most in an insurance company
  • How to forge more meaningful connections with current and prospective policyholders