The Shifting Values and Psyche of American Consumers: An AI-Driven Deep Dive

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Profound changes in 2020, from pandemic to the political, have driven change in consumer value systems that were unthinkable just one year ago. From the novel coronavirus, to protests around the country and the worst American job market since the Great Depression, consumers are being beaten by a continual parade of uncertainty and surprise. How can a brand keep up—let alone thrive—when consumers’ anxiety levels swing daily? 

Hear from Resonate CMO Ericka Podesta McCoy for a a deep dive on the American psyche, based on AI-driven research, showing how brands can best understand, manage and even thrive in a market where consumer values are both more fluid – and more important – than ever. You’ll find out about:

  • Up-to-the-minute insights from the largest national consumer study on Covid-19 consumer sentiment - and how to put them into action

  • How consumer behavior is evolving as a result of the changes brought on in 2020 and how to engage them more effectively

  • Tools that are available to help brands understand customer and prospects during this time