Play Ball! The Future of Sports Fandom in a New Normal

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For many in the United States, the COVID-19 pandemic hit home when sporting events such as March Madness, MLB, the NBA and others were cancelled or postponed.

Now, with America reopening, questions are arising about what the future of sports will look like in the midst of a global pandemic. Resonate is the only company tracking real-time AI-driven data on the current state of U.S. consumer sentiment surrounding their attitudes towards the return of sports, engagement with live events, sports media consumption and more.

Hear from Resonate CEO Bryan Gernert as we host Craig Sloan, EVP at FOX Home Team Sports; Matthew Watson, CEO of SendToNews, and Zach Leonsis, Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives & General Manager at Monumental Sports, for an interactive round table discussion on the significance of the latest data, as well as stories from those who are navigating the “new normal” of American sport consumption as it unfolds. They’ll answer questions such as:

  • Who is willing to attend a sporting event? How often are they willing to do it?
  • What types of consumers are engaging more and less with sports related content during the pandemic and recovery?
  • Which types of fans miss sports the most and how are they getting their fix? What does the return mean to different sets of fans?

As seasons resume, are modified or ended, where do opportunities exist for sports to come back stronger than ever as a new reality unfolds? Our data has the answers.