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State of the Consumer Report 2019   

Shattering Generational Perceptions

Most marketers have been guilty of creating strategies or campaigns targeting a whole generation of people the same. But are all millennials alike? Do all baby boomers think the same? Are all Gen Xers buying the same products?

Connecting with today’s generations with the same message for everyone is a mistake. Marketers need to understand the nuances within each generation, so we analyzed three of the largest generations, including a micro-analysis of Generation Z, and uncovered several interesting trends:

  • Most millennials focus on living an exciting life, but older and younger millennials differ in where they shop and what they buy.
  • Younger and older Generation Xers are drastically different, starting with younger Gen Xers still raising children and older Gen Xers living as empty nesters, right down to the values and motivations that drive their daily decisions.
  • Baby boomers make decisions based on their daily priorities of obeying laws and fulfilling obligations but have important nuances in their product and retailer preferences.

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