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Bi-Annual State of the Consumer Report

Exploring critical influences on today’s shopper

The digitization of today’s world has transformed the way consumers shop, how they respond to advertising and why they buy from one brand over another. Therefore, a new set of factors is playing an increasingly significant role in buying decisions. 

Consumers have more control than ever before over their interaction with brands, products and retailers. In order to acquire and retain the modern shopper, companies need to better understand the dynamics impacting consumers’ shopping behaviors so they can build more resonant products and services. 

Resonate uncovered and analyzed four audiences using an AI-driven consumer intelligence platform. These consumers are influenced by various factors: 

  • Activist shoppers
  • Personal values shoppers
  • Advice-seeking shoppers
  • Blog-obsessed shoppers

Read the Bi-Annual State of the Consumer Report and start developing actionable strategies to gain more influence and connect more effectively with consumers.