Understanding the 2020 Voter Landscape


You have two months left to hone in on persuadable voters, cement your place with party devotees and lock in a win on November 3. But, voter segments are shifting daily and you need real-time voter intelligence to gain an edge this campaign season.  

Join Resonate for a complimentary webinar to help you navigate the remaining 60 days, Targeting to Win: 7 Segments You Need to Reach to Win the Election. 

  • Resonate’s Director of Data Science, Dan Scantlebury, Ph.D., and Director of Research & Operations, Brent Waddington, MMP, will discuss: 
  • Seven key voter segments uncovered in the 2020 Resonate Presidential Election Voter Landscape
  • How the global pandemic has impacted voter sentiment and stances on policy issues 
  • The unprecedented reality of an election during a season when voter sentiment and values are undergoing massive and rapid shifts 

This is a sneak peek at Resonate’s proprietary and continuously updated voter intelligence data. You won’t want to miss this.