Understanding Voter Sentiment and Its Impact on the Polls

Your Desk!

Using results from the largest standalone National Consumer Study specific to constituent sentiment surrounding COVID-19, Resonate analyzed how voter sentiment and perception is shifting in real time. Will these shifts have an effect on the polls this election season? Will some voters change their opinions based on the government’s response?  

Join Resonate’s director of research, Brent Waddington, for a deeper look into the data along with the editor and publisher of Inside Elections, Nathan Gonzales where they will discuss the findings related to their first-hand observations.  

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The extent to which voter sentiment has changed since Resonate’s latest survey wave as a result of the evolving global health crisis
  • The effect that these shifts in voter sentiment can have on public policy positions
  • What these continual changes in voter behavior and perception mean for your political campaigns