AdWeek Webinar: What Ignites Brand Loyalty Today? Three Things You Need for a Unified View of Your Customer

Your Desk!

Personal values, lifestyle and digital footprint may seem like different aspects of segmentation, but working together they form an intimate, 360-degree view of the consumer. People continue to face a stunning pace of societal change in 2021 and a unified view of fresh consumer data (emphasis on fresh) is critical to driving brand loyalty amid disruption.

Hear from consumer intelligence experts from Resonate about uniting values, lifestyle and digital footprint into insights to ignite brand loyalty. You’ll find out:

  • Why real-time granular understanding of changing consumer values is paramount to driving brand loyalty
  • How understanding your customer’s lifestyle and meeting them at that level can be more effective than any loyalty program
  • How, where and when to target micro-segmented audiences across their digital footprint