Navigating the Erosion of the Left/Right Divide in the Race for 2020

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Join Resonate’s Senior Campaign Manager Brian Grady and Director of Data Science, Daniel Scantlebury, PhD, as they discuss the key to victory in 2020 in this on demand webinar. They’ll discuss:

  • The issues specific groups voters agree on, regardless of political party
  • The importance of policy over party
  • How to identify and target voters you thought you’d lost to the other side

Before attending this thought-provoking webinar, read our latest election guide: The Race for 2020: Navigating the Erosion of the Left/Right Divide.

Speaker: Daniel Scantlebury, PhD – Director, Data Science

Hi, I’m Daniel. I'm responsible for developing, improving, and maintaining methods/models and software used to classify terabytes of online browsing data with regard to thousands of demographic and psychographic attributes. This involves feature engineering, natural language processing, and machine learning ensembles via a Spark powered pipeline.


Speaker: Brian Grady – Senior Manager, Campaigns

Brian Grady is a seasoned veteran with over fifteen years in the digital marketing world, providing a wealth of experience across multiple online disciplines. He is currently a Senior Marketing Campaign Manager at Resonate working very closely with machine learning and artificial intelligence as it relates to politics and policy.